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Sectors Overview

Techplus provides full life cycle engineering services to the following sectors:

Oil & Gas sector

The Oil and Gas industry is going through one of the most transformative periods in its history. Navigating a change of this scale requires intelligent, adaptive and strategic judgement on the part of the industry leaders and it is crucial that value for money and investment concerns are addressed in the short term without jeopardising the long term health of the organisation.

Against such an economic backdrop it is fundamental that highly skilled Engineering solutions are accessible to ensure maximum efficiency, in light of this we believe that strategic relationships between organisations and the providers of services has become increasingly important to ensuring success.

Techplus offer a full range of Engineering solutions across the entire oil and gas industry, we see ourselves as business partners to your organisation and through this approach we are able to ensure that the services we provide are of the highest quality, always reliable and easily accessible to help you meet your company objectives.

We use our years of experience of providing outsourcing services within the Oil & Gas industry to meet your business requirements, from back office through to engineering design.


We have deployed to Technicians to provide lift service & maintenance, retrofits, assembly and troubleshooting to a number of wind farm. All personnel hold full GWO’s and various offshore certification, in addition to this there was a specific requirement for Advanced First Aid Training on one wind farm.

We supplier individuals or larger teams to all locations for inspection and all wind farm activities.


E&I Services – Techplus have significant experience providing Electrical Engineering services in the Offshore Oil & Gas and Renewables sectors, along with Construction. We offer a wide range of E&I services including; Design, Installation, Testing & Inspection and Commissioning.

Special Projects – Due to our skilled pool of personnel and internal engineering service capabilities we are able to offer our client’s flexible solutions to project requirements, by either providing labour only be it an individual, large teams or taking on the full scope of responsibility ourselves, with Techplus personnel working under Techplus management systems.

Resource Solutions – Techplus has an established track record of delivering safe and flexible manpower solutions for clients in the Energy & Infrastructure sectors. We manage compliance, security and assignment requirements to ensure that personnel arrive safely and on time, anywhere in the world.

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